Not In Full Receipt Of All Their Faculties

, , | Right | November 7, 2018

(I served a customer half an hour ago, and while I am serving another customer, she comes stomping up to me, receipt in hand.)

Customer: “What’s this?”

Me: “A receipt?”

Customer: “YES! And do you know where it was?”

Me: “Did I serve you?”

Customer: “DUH!”

Me: “I either gave it to you or put it in your bag.”

Customer: “The latter! And now I’ve just spent the last half an hour turning my car over looking for it! What kind of service is this where you hide your customer’s receipts from them?”

Me: “Madam, I always ask if you want the receipt in your bag before handing everything over. If it was in your bag, you would have answered for it to be put there.”

Customer: “This is absolutely disgraceful. I’m tempted to put in a complaint about you! What would’ve happened if I had lost it?!”

Me: “I can see your customer number on the receipt, so all we would have to do is scan your membership card and pull up the appropriate transaction saved to it.”

Customer: “You save all that?”

Me: “Just the items and method of payment, for auditing and returns without receipt.”

Customer: “Oh, my God!” *sprints down the full length of the store and out the front door in a mad panic, screaming about the government stealing her identity*

Current Customer: *turning to me* “What the f*** was that?”

Me: *shrugs and continues with the transaction*

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