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Not Here And Not All There

| Learning | August 10, 2014

(About half-way through an hour-long after-school tutoring session, a student comes into the room, where about 10 of his classmates are getting extra help.)

Student: “Miss, can I speak with you privately?”

Me: “I’m busy tutoring right now. Can you wait?”

Student: “Sure.” *goes into the hallway and waits*

Me: *goes into the hallway about 10 minutes later* “What can I do for you?”

Student: “I want to know how to improve my grade.”

Me: “Um… come to tutoring? That’s what they are all doing in there!”

Student: “Oh, no, that’s not possible. I have to go straight home every day after school. I can’t stay!

(At this point, it’s 45 minutes after school. I look at my watch, look at the student, and say nothing.)

Student: “I’m not here right now! I’m just talking to you!”

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