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Not Her Little Babies Anymore

| Related | June 3, 2013

(I am sitting in a restaurant booth, with my two young sons, aged five and eight. A couple of elderly ladies are seated in the next booth, and try joking with my boys.)

Lady #1: “Oh, look! Those are very handsome babies. Hi!”

(They start waving at us.)

Five-Year-Old Son: “Thanks. We’re handsome, but we’re not babies!”

Lady #2: “Oh, this baby is a jokester!”

(The ladies are laughing and amused, and turn to me.)

Lady #1: “Your babies are so adorable.”

Eight-Year-Old Son: “Why do you keep calling us babies? We’re not wearing diapers!”

(The ladies burst out laughing, and I laugh too. My five-year-old son is determined to bring it home.)

Five-Year-Old Son: “Oh, you old women are so gonna wear diapers really soon! Sooner than me!”

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