Not Her Calling

| Related | May 18, 2016

(My husband and I are visiting his mother, who is difficult at the best of times. We’re trying to leave to meet other family for dinner but my mother-in-law can’t find her cell phone. My husband is already in the car downstairs.)

Mother-In-Law: “We aren’t leaving until I find my phone.”

Me: “Did you try calling it?”

Mother-In-Law: *sneering with disdain* “Calling it?”

Me: “Yes…?”

Mother-In-Law: “What will that do?”

Me: *confused by her attitude* “Tell you where it is?”

Mother-In-Law: *sighs heavily* “It won’t work, but okay.” *turns to her apartment in general, cups her hands around her mouth, and shouts* “TELEPHONE! TELEPHONE!”

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