Not Heeding Your Own Counsel

, , , , | Working | October 24, 2017

(I work as a counselor at a day camp in the preschool division. One of my division heads is great, the other is not so much. The great one often works in the camp office for our division, leaving the other head to deal with the campers and other staff members, which can be quite difficult. One sunny day, we take the kids out to play. There is a canopy on one end of the playground, and all the staff members gather beneath it and sit down.)

Division Head: “You guys have to spread out. I want two of you by the basketball hoops, two by the swings, etc. You also need to be standing.”

(This seems like a perfectly reasonable request. My friend and I head for the swing set. We are able to watch the kids while also chatting. We are generally recognized as good counselors, and neither of us has ever even had a kid get injured on our watch. We start to chat but while facing the campers in our area.)

Division Head: *yelling* “Guys, you can’t get distracted. No talking to each other except on break.”

(This is annoying, considering our track records, but fine. We stop talking except as relevant to our campers. Two minutes later:)

Me: “Look at [Division Head]. Really keeping a close eye on the kids, isn’t she?”

(She had sat down, under the canopy, and was staring intently at her phone, not noticing the two kids fighting right in front of her.)

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