Not Happy To Meet Your Happy

| Friendly | December 22, 2016

(I am on standing gate guard watch. Gate guard watch consists of checking IDs of everyone who tries to access the pier.)

Co-Watchstander: “GOOD MORNING! May I see your ID?”

Sailor #1: “Ugh, my head… Here’s my ID!”

Co-Watchstander: “Oh, another person! GOOD MORNING!”

Sailor #2: *groans and hands over ID*

Co-Watchstander: “I love standing watch on New Year’s Day! All the people coming in with hangovers!”

Me: “Here comes another one…”

Co-Watchstander: “GOOD MORNING!”

Sailor #3: “GOOD MORNING!”

Co-Watchstander: “…”

Sailor #3: “ISN’T THIS A FINE DAY?” *grins*

Co-Watchstander: “…”

Me: *laughs*

(The Co-Watchstander dropped the fake-happy attitude after encountering a sailor who seemed truly happy and chipper, or at least, who could out-fake-happy him!)

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