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Not So Happy Hunting

, , , , | Romantic | February 2, 2018

(I’m out hunting with my sisters and brother, and after night’s fallen and we’re all in for the evening, I call my boyfriend to say goodnight. A friend of his comes up in conversation, and he mentions that she’s become a vegan.)

Boyfriend: “…which would be pretty cool, except that she’s decided her being a vegan means that her boyfriend now has to get rid of the new leather couch they bought together.”

Me: “Oof. I can’t picture him being too happy about that; he was super excited to finally get that couch.”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, when I talked to her yesterday, they were still fighting about it. She and I are grabbing lunch tomorrow; I’m sure I’ll hear all about how unreasonable he’s being.”

Me: “Well, good luck, and tell her hi from me!”

Boyfriend: “Will do!”

Me: “Maybe don’t tell her I’m currently out hunting, though.”

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