Not Good At Cart-ography

, , | Right | August 10, 2018

(I am standing in a queue at the supermarket when I notice an elderly man up front. The cashier wants to start scanning items.)

Elderly Man: “I don’t want to buy anything. I only want to return this shopping cart.”

Cashier: “Pardon?”

Elderly Man: “I took this shopping cart home yesterday and I want to return it.”

(The shopping cart clearly does not belong to the supermarket chain we are in, since it is very small and does not have a logo.)

Cashier: “This cart is not from this shop. You cannot return it here, especially not at the checkout.”

Elderly Man: “But I took the cart yesterday and I want to return it! I’ll leave it here, and then you can give me back the money in it.”

Cashier: “Sir, you cannot just leave the cart here, and I can’t give you the money. Please go to the front and look at our carts. They are totally different than your cart in size and colour. You must have taken it from somewhere else.”

Elderly Man: “Are you sure? But it’s a shopping cart, and you’re a supermarket!”

Cashier: “Yes, but you can just return our carts at the entrance. Just go there and compare the carts, and you will see that it’s not ours.”

(He then went off to the carts at the entrance, mumbling something. When I was leaving the store, he was still standing with his cart next to the other carts, wondering why they wouldn’t just take his cart and give him the money.)

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