Not Going Out Of Business But Going Out Of My Mind

, , , | Right | July 18, 2020

Our hobby store is in the process of moving locations, and during the last week at our current store, I have multiple variations of this conversation:

Customer: “So, you guys are going out of business?”

Me: “Not at all; we are just moving locations.”

Customer: “Well, it says on Facebook that you guys are going out of business.”

Me: “There are always stories rotating around that we are going out of business, but I can assure you that we are just moving locations.”

Customer: “But a lot of your shelves are empty.”

Me: “That’s because we are moving locations and only plan on being closed on Sunday like we normally are. When we close here Saturday evening, we will be transferring all the remaining inventory to the new store and setting up the new store to open Monday morning. Because of this ,we did not receive a truck of merchandise at this location last week or this week, as it instead went to the new store in order for the transition to go as smoothly as possible.”

Customer: “So, you guys are closing down?”

Me: “Only this location; we will immediately open a new store the following business day.”

Customer: “But everything in the store seems to be 50% off; how can everything be 50% off if you guys are not closing down?”

Me: “That’s our normal sale; every week we have a different selection of stuff that is 50% off, and every week it is roughly half the store but it is different from week to week.”

Customer: “Huh, well, okay, then. I guess I should come here more often.”

Me: “Yes, well, have a nice day!”

Next Customer: “So, I read on Facebook that you are going out of business. That’s so sad; I love this store!”

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