Not Giving Up The Ghost

, , | Working | September 20, 2013

(I’m a engineer in a public cable access facility. We allow residents to borrow and use video equipment and editing software to produce local programming.)

Producer: “Hey, I have a lot of capturing to do today. Do you mind if I spend my time wisely and ghost hunt while I’m in the editing bay?”

Me: “As in the show Ghost Hunters?”

Producer: “Yeah! I feel this building has an otherworldly vibe, and would like to see if I can catch something on video or EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).”

(We also work with a lot of local schools to train and teach students on video equipment and we use them to help produce local football games and events. The producer is there to work on a school project.)

Me: *laughing to myself* “Okay, but don’t forget you have to finish your project for class.”

(The producer smiles and runs out to her car to grab her equipment. After about 20 minutes I see her run around the corner all excited.)

Producer: “You have got to come in here! I caught the most amazing evidence!”

(Skeptical of her ‘catch,’ I follow her into the editing bay where she is working, and she grabs a tape recorder.)

Producer: “Here, listen to this EVP that I caught!”

Me: “Okay.”

(She pushes play and I hear static until clear as day, I hear words on the taped recording.)

Taped Recording: “Hey man, pass me that screwdriver.”

Producer: “Can you believe that I just caught actual ghost voices on my tape recorder?”

Me: “Uh, actually, that is more than likely [furniture restoration employee] working with his new apprentice, because his workbench is on the exact other side of this wall.”

Producer: “Nah, I’m pretty sure it’s ghosts!”

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