Not Giving Customers “Extra” Reasons To Complain

, , , | Right | May 8, 2020

My friend and I stop at a sandwich shop in the food court at the mall. There’s one couple, a man and a woman, in line when we walk up. I hear the guy order a meatball sub with extra meatballs. I happen to watch the employee PILE a TON of meatballs and sauce on the sub, but I think nothing of it; it’s what the guy asked for, right?

My friend and I end up walking away with our subs at the same time as the couple. The guy checks his sub and is more amusedly surprised than angry.

Guy: “Woah! Can you believe how many meatballs they put on this thing? When I asked for extra, I didn’t know it meant that much.”

Remembering my days in fast food, I can’t help but comment:

Me: “Probably because every time a customer asks for that and they put extra on, they complain that it’s not enough and they wanted more.”

Guy: “Yeah. They must’ve been thinking, ‘We’ll show this guy extra!’”

We all had a good laugh before going our separate ways.

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