Not Getting The Picture

, | Learning | April 2, 2013

(A student walks up to the front desk to check out a book.)

Me: “Do you have your library card with you?”

Student: “Uhhh!” *throws hands up in the air and starts to back away*

Me: “Wait a second! If you have a picture ID, we can look up your account by your name.”

Student: “I don’t have a picture ID!”

Me: “Do you have a driver’s license?”

Student: “Of course I have a driver’s license, but I don’t have a picture ID!”

Me: *confused* “It doesn’t have a picture? Is it a learner’s permit?”

Student: “Uh… duh! Do I look like I’m 15?”

(She fishes around in her purse, pulls out her wallet, and shows me her driver’s license.)

Student: “This is all that I have!”

Me: “Um… that will do just fine. That’s what I meant by ‘picture ID.’ It has your picture on it.”

Student: “Ohhh! Is that what a picture ID is? I didn’t know that.”

(I check out her book and she leaves.)

Co-Worker: “How did she ever get into college?”

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