Not Getting The Focal Point

| Right | June 5, 2015

(I am working as a manager in an optical chain, helping to fit a middle-aged man with glasses. It is VERY common for patients to try and avoid going to bifocals, and this particular patient is misogynistic on top of it, making inappropriate comments to our receptionist and refusing to believe I am the manager.)

Me: “So, sir, I see you haven’t had a bifocal lens before. Let me talk you through it…”

Patient: “You will NOT give me a bifocal!”

Me: “Okay. Did you just mean you don’t want bifocals with lines and would rather have a progressive lens, or do you want to have your glasses be specifically for reading or distance instead?”

Patient: “Don’t be stupid. I need to see far and to read! But NO BIFOCALS.”

Me: “Sir, you have something called presbyopia, which means that you can’t see both distance and reading in the same pair of glasses without some kind of multifocal. I can certainly make the type without visible lines for you.”

Patient: “NO! What are you, r******d? NO BIFOCALS. I don’t care if they have lines or not! I need to see near and far and no bifocals!”

Me: *trying to be professional* “Sir, perhaps you’d like to talk to the doctor again so he can go over your options…”

(The patient turns to my nearest optician, who happens to be male:)

Patient: “You! This b**** is just a woman, so she’s too stupid to get my glasses right! Can YOU order me a pair of d*** glasses that will let me see everything without bifocals?”

Optician: “Not without a time machine, gramps.”

(Officially, I had to give my optician a verbal reprimand for insulting the customer, but I took him out to lunch the next day!)

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