Not Getting The Tall And The Short Of It

, , , | Right | March 16, 2018

(I am helping a customer shop for pantyhose.)

Customer: “I don’t know what size I am.”

(I take a package and show her the size chart on the back.)

Me: “It’s based on your height and weight. How much do you weigh?”

Customer: “[Number] pounds.”

Me: “Okay, based on your weight, you should get [size].”

Customer: “But I’m not six feet tall.”

(The customer points to the height next to the weight. I point to where it says 4’11” next to 6′.)

Customer: “But I’m not 4’11”, either.”

Me: *inwardly face-palming* “It means it fits people between 4’11” and 6′. This is the size you need. This should fit you.”

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