Not Getting That Friday Feeling

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(I work full-time overnight, 9:00 pm to 6:00 am, stocking at a large superstore that sells everything in bulk. I have done so for the last six years with no attendance or disciplinary issues. However, during the day I also have a part-time job which I love and where I want to have career. In June, I was offered a promotion at my day job, and at that time informed my overnight job manager that I may have to cut my hours at the store down to part-time. He assured me that it was no problem; I just needed to give him notice. It is now September.)

Me: “Hey, [Manager], you know how I said I might cut down to part-time? It’s time. I was just offered this great opportunity to run a program at my day job, and I need to cut down from working five nights per week to working four.”

Manager: “That’s great. What night do you need off?”

Me: “Friday nights. I already have Wednesday and Thursday nights off, and I’ll keep those the same if it’s easiest, but I have to have Friday nights and Saturday mornings off so that I can run this program. It’s really important. I can work the next three Fridays, though. Is that okay?”

Manager: “Sure, no problem. It should be fine. I’ll just check the schedule.”

(I work that Friday as usual and catch up with him a week later.)

Me: “How’s the schedule? Is everything set?”

Manager: “I haven’t had a chance to check the schedule yet, but I’ll do it as soon as possible. I’m really busy right now.”

Me: “Okay, but I can only work this Friday and the next.”

Manager: “Don’t worry; I’ll take care of it.”

(I work another Friday, and another week passes. I talk to him again before I work my last Friday, and he once again assures me that even though he has not yet “had a chance to check the schedule,” it’ll be fine. The schedule never changes to reflect this, however, so I go to him one last time on Tuesday night before I’m supposed to take my first three-day weekend.)

Me: “Hey, is everything set for me to take my first Friday off?”

Manager: “Oh, [My Name]. I’ve been meaning to talk to you. I checked the schedule. There is no way that you can take Friday off. We have too many people scheduled off that night, and I would have to change four or five people around to get us coverage. It wouldn’t be fair to everyone else. You understand, right? So, I’ll see you Friday, okay?”

Me: “What do you mean? You said it was okay. I’ve already accepted this offer from my other job because you said it was okay. I cannot work on Friday.”

Manager: “Well, I hadn’t checked the schedule then, so I didn’t know. Besides, your official availability doesn’t say that, so I need you to be here.”

Me: “I’m not coming in on Friday. You gave me permission, I agreed to this opportunity because you said you would change the schedule, and I will not back out of my promise to my day job. I guess I’ll just have to call in sick on Fridays until you fire me, because I will not be coming in.”

(I kept my promise. After a couple of weeks, he realized I was serious and changed the schedule so that I had Fridays off. Only one person was inconvenienced: the new guy who had started two months prior. I left that job a few months later.)

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