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Not Getting Drug Into This Scam

, , , , | Legal | October 2, 2021

An email goes out to everyone in the company. Apparently, there are instances of people being targeted for a type of corporate blackmail. They are trying to get employees into compromising situations, and if the employee won’t pay up, they go to the company and threaten to go to the papers.

Everyone is to be alert, especially when traveling on company business. As I’m traveling for a well-known event next week in a hotel, I’m particularly concerned.

The first few days of the event go well, but on the last day, I’m approached by a tired-looking woman in her forties.

Woman: “Hey, you want to go round back and…” *Mimes smoking*

Me: “No, thanks. I don’t smoke.”

Woman: “No, you know. The good stuff.”

Me: “I don’t know what you mean, sorry.”

Woman: *Sighs* “Weed. Do you want to smoke weed?”

Me: “Oh. No, I don’t do drugs. Thank you.”

Woman: *Suddenly angry* “Listen, you, I know you work for [Big Company]. If you don’t pay up, I will tell them you did anyway.”

Me: “They have regular drug tests, so I don’t think that will be a problem.”

Woman: “Fine! I will tell them you sexually assaulted me.”

Me: “Yeah, two things. Big security camera right there. And I’ve recorded this on my phone.”

She tried to snatch the phone out of my hands. When that didn’t work, she ran out of the hotel. I spoke to the company’s legal team, who took the footage and reported everything on my behalf. I think she got jail time, and not a small sentence.

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