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Not Getting Carried Away With Customer Service

| Working | September 19, 2014

(It is just before Christmas and I’m heavily pregnant. I’ve also injured myself to the point where I need a cane to walk. I’ve ordered all my shopping online to avoid unnecessary travel. This occurs when the delivery guy shows up. The man rings my doorbell and drops a heavy box on my porch. I waddle over to get it. We make eye contact as I struggle to lift the box inside. The guy quickly turns around back to his van.)

Me: “Hi. Could—”

(He’s back at the van at this point, looking very much like he’s trying to ignore me. Suddenly he heads back again.)

Me: “Could you please hel—”

(He thrusts the invoice at me, barely looking.)

Delivery Guy: “I forgot; you need to sign this.”

Me: “Okay, but could you help me carry—”

(He grabbed the signed order and rushed off, leaving me to handle the package alone. The best part? A few days later, another package arrived. The woman who delivered it went out of her way to help me move the box inside to a convenient spot. Same company and everything!)

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