Not Getting Any “Special” Treatment

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(The restaurant I work in is on the top floor of a set of offices we collaborate with. Each morning, we send a group email to every office worker with the specials of the day, and they get a discount when they come up for lunch. We also have the specials menu printed and set in front of the register, as well as a chalkboard that clearly states the specials posted by the kitchen counters. We have an open kitchen, meaning you can see the chefs working. At lunchtime, a woman I recognize from one of the offices comes to the counter.)

Me: “Hi, how are you today?”

Customer: *on the phone, not paying attention*

Me: “Um… Excuse me, did you want to order?”

(She eventually hangs up and looks at me.)

Customer: “Yeah, what are the specials?”

Me: “Oh, did you not get the email this morning?

(She stares at me like I just said something silly. She probably didn’t check her emails, and it can happen, so I’m not surprised and decide to move on.)

Me: “Well, today we have [soup], [mains #1, #2, #3]. If you need more time to choose, you can also read the printed version of what I just listed. Here, just on your right.” *pointing at the specials menu a few inches from her*

(She barely looks at it and frowns before backing away. I assume she is going to step aside for a minute to think about her order. Instead, she goes over to the kitchen counter, right in front of the chalk board that has the specials on it, and asks the chefs:)

Customer: “Oi! What specials do you have today?!”

Chef: *a bit puzzled by the question and her rudeness* “Um… They’re actually written on the board.”

Customer: “Where?”

(At that point I am looking for a wall to bang my head on. But the chef patiently comes out of the kitchen area, walks up to her, and points at the board.)

Customer: “Oh. Is that it? Do you have anything else?”

Chef: “If it’s not on the board, then no.”

(She finally ordered her food and went back to her loud phone conversation. Not a single “hello,” “thanks,” or “goodbye.” Believe it or not, she does that almost every single time she comes for lunch. Lady, put your phone down, pay attention, and get some manners!)

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