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Not Frozen In Your Edgy Phase Forever

, , , , , | Friendly | December 17, 2018

(I’m going to out myself as a jerk in this one. For the entirety of my seventeenth year of life, I acted like I was campaigning for turd of the year. Sadly, this was not my only offense, but it was my worst. To set the scene, this is during the height of the “Frozen” craze, and of course, I consider myself ABOVE such things. A friend’s birthday is in full swing, and everybody but me is having a great time. The sweet younger sister of the birthday girl gives a “Frozen”-based present.)

Me: *being an edgy teenager, turns and audibly scoffs to my best friend*

(Several people turn to look at me, including the poor girl that gave the gift.)

Sister: *sounding hurt and confused* “But Frozen is good!”

(I feel the blood drain from my face as I register that everyone has heard me. An exceptionally awkward couple of seconds pass as I search for something to say.)

Me: “Y-yeah! Yeah, it is!”

(Everyone went back to the gift giving, but I could just feel the edge in me freeze into embarrassment. Thank goodness that incident was the one that knocked me out of that phase before I lost all my friends!)

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