Not Feline This Sales Pitch

| Working | February 8, 2015

(I’m shopping in a large retail store. In electronics there are sales reps from large TV provider working and a sales rep approaches me to sign up for service. He is very pushy & I have declined.)

Sales Rep: “C’mon, you need this and you DESERVE this.”

Me: “I wouldn’t consider this something I “deserve” or “need”, so no thank you, but I appreciate your effort.”

Sales Rep: “Well, your APPRECIATION doesn’t pay my bills!”

(He turns his attention to a woman with a cart filled with cat-related items: toys, litter, food, etc.)

Sales Rep: *to woman* “I don’t like cats; they stink up the house. Yeah, my roommate has one and it’s gross. So, who is your current satellite TV provider?”

(It’s generally not a good idea to start a conversation with someone who obviously owns/loves cats by telling them how much you dislike them and then start a sales pitch.)

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