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Not Exactly The Personal Growth We’d Hoped For

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My mom and I are watching a rerun of a crime show around the time that Black Lives Matter is a trending topic nationwide. My mom has very conservative views on the matter to the point of being blatantly racist at times, views I disagree with but keep quiet about to keep the peace at home.

This particular episode of this show talks about the Japanese internment camps of World War II and goes a little into the history of how Japanese-Americans were mistreated and incarcerated during and after the war. Mom speaks up during the episode.

Mom: “You know, we really treated the Japanese horribly during the war.”

I smile inwardly, thinking this is a small step forward for my mom. Then, she keeps talking.

Mom: “They deserve our sympathy a lot more than Black people do! They didn’t riot and protest and throw a fit over their treatment; they just smiled and moved on. Black people could learn a lesson from them.”

One step forward, five huge steps back. Thankfully, I don’t live with her anymore and don’t have to be exposed to her racist views.

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