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Not Exactly 20/20 Vision

, , , | Right | January 22, 2018

(We’re having a promotion in the store where two or more dolls ring up as $10 each. A customer brings two dolls to my register.)

Customer: “These are $20 for two, right?”

Me: “Yes! They are $10 each with a purchase of two or more.”

Customer: “At the front they told me it would be $20 for two.”

Me: “Yup, there are two, and they are $10 each.”

Customer: “I want them for $20.”

Me: “Yes.” *motioning to each* “10 and 10.”

Customer: *looking at me with a confused expression* “How much is the total?”

(I tell them the total, with tax, which comes to just over $20.)

Customer: “Oh, okay!”

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