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Not Every Customer’s A Mess

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: mmmbreakfast1 | November 14, 2021

I had a big delivery with a $20 pre-tip already on it! I was super happy. When I got to the guy’s house, the bag ripped in my car and everything fell everywhere. Luckily, everything was salvageable, but some of the containers now had sauce on them and it was just going to be a messy delivery that I would have to give him piece by piece.

Before I even brought him the food, I knocked on the door and told him what happened. Not only was he totally sympathetic to my dilemma, but after I gave him all the food, he invited me in to wash the sauce off my hands, and he handed me a roll of paper towels to clean my car and an extra $20 bill!

I thanked him profusely before I left, and man, that really made my night. There are good people out there. Sometimes they’re few and far between, but when you run into somebody like this, it really restores your faith in humanity.

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