Not Ever Working, Part 8

| Working | November 10, 2012

(We’ve just hired a lot of new people to help over the holidays. A few of our new hires are great, but one of our male new hires is rude, and lazy. This happens when I tell him to find one of our other newly hired people and tell him to work with her on putting back clothing from the fitting rooms. Note: the other new hire is fairly short, so if she’s between the dress racks the only way you’d see her is if you actually walked past the ends of the aisle.)

Male New Hire: “Hey, I can’t see that girl you told me to go find. You need to give me something else to do.”

Me: “I know there were dresses on the go-back rack, so she’s probably in one of those aisles.”

(The male new hire takes a few steps away and cranes his neck around.)

Male New Hire: “I still can’t see her.”

Me: “That’s because you can’t see DOWN those aisles from here. Go over there!”

Male New Hire: “Can’t you just give me something else to do? I could stand up by the register in case somebody needs checking out or has questions… except you have to give me a stool so I can sit down when no one’s there.”

Me: “Even if I did put you up there, you’d be organizing and taking care of things up there and not sitting down. But I already gave you a job to do, so you need to go do it.”

Male New Hire: *stomps off*

(About ten minutes later, the female new hire I sent him to go find brings the rack she was putting clothing away from back.)

Me: “Where’s [male new hire]?”

Female New Hire: “Oh, I don’t know. I haven’t seen him since he clocked in.”

Me: “Are you serious? I sent him over to help you put those clothes away!”

Female New Hire: “Well… I guess he got distracted. All he does is stand there and complain that he’s expected to actually do stuff, though so it probably went faster without him.”

(I went to check the break room, and sure enough he was sitting there talking on his phone.)

Me: “What do you think you’re doing?!”

Male New Hire: “Putting clothes away is for girls. You have no right to ask me to do girl work!”

(He was fired immediately.)


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