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Not Even Worth Screaming For The Ice Cream

| Working | May 15, 2015

(I go to our local donut/ice cream combo shop for ice cream. The place isn’t busy; there’s only me, an older couple, and a couple of young women. There is also at least three ladies working. The young women put in a big order for several quarts of ice cream, and the girl behind the counter goes to work.)

Employee: *one to older couple* “I’ll be with you shortly.”

(This has been after several minutes of gathering stuff. Meanwhile another girl has finished an order at the window, and another girl is doing minor stuff. Meanwhile, the older couple; who is just there to buy some bags of coffee. and I are still waiting. Several more minutes pass.)

Me: *deciding to strike up idle chatter with older couple* “Really like their coffee, huh?”

Older Woman: “I just have a gift card. I usually don’t buy it.”

(After several more minutes the older woman mutters frustrated words to her husband and me.)

Me: “Yeah, I’m debating going to one of the other ice cream places.”

(The older couple agree, and we go back to waiting. Finally after ten minutes or so the girl with the huge order finally asks one of the other workers to take care of us, to which the girl says she’ll get to us shortly. At this point we’re fed up waiting after another couple minutes pass.)

Older Woman: “All right, we’re walking out.”

(She starts leaving with husband.)

Me: *following them* “Me, too.”

(The employees didn’t even try calling or coming after us to stop us from leaving.)

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