Not Even Using A Fraction Of Their Brain  

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(I go to a home improvement store as I need a ⅝-inch drill bit. I look at the display, and the largest I see is a ½-inch. I finally find three young employees talking to each other. I interrupt, asking for help. One looks at me with disgust that I have interrupted their football discussion.)

Employee: “Whaddya want?”

Me: “I’m looking for a ⅝-inch drill bit.”

Employee: “They’re over there.” *generally pointing*

Me: “I looked over there and the largest I saw was a 1⁄2-inch.”

Employee: *loud sigh* “Okay.”

(He takes me back to the display rack and starts looking at the tiny drill bits.)

Me: “Not the little ones; ⅝-is bigger than 1⁄2, and 1⁄2 seems to be the largest I can find.”

Employee: “NO, IT’S NOT! I learned in school that if the big number is on the bottom that makes the fraction real little!”

Me: “…”

(I have neither the time nor the patience to educate stupidity.)

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