Not Even Meeting You Half-Way

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I have arranged by email a meeting with a professor at my college, who I’ve never met face to face. She has a very busy schedule, and I’ve been waiting for this meeting, regarding a time-sensitive issue, for three weeks. By email, she instructs me to go to the fourth floor of her building, and meet in the conference room directly across from the elevators.

When the time arrives, I go to the building, and see a sign hung on the meeting-room door that reads ‘Meeting in progress. All meetings with Professor [Name] will be held in [Other Room]’.

I make my way to the other room, and it is empty. I check down the hall, and see that her office is a few doors down, and also empty, so I decide to wait in the hallway in case she comes. After about 20 minutes, a woman walks down the hall and asks me what I’m doing. I explain that I’m waiting for that professor, and she tells me that she is that professor, and then proceeds to berate me for not meeting in the initial room she’d told me to. I tell her that there is a sign on the door, which she denies, so we walk down the hall back to the conference room, where, sure enough, the sign is still up. She then turns to me and says, “Well, I have another meeting in 10 minutes, so you’ll just have to reschedule yours,” and leaves.

It’s going to be another three weeks before I can meet with her again.

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