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Not Even A Little Concerned That Your Daughter’s A Thief?

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Pale_Werewolf1103 | July 16, 2022

We have a family staying at my hotel that is here because something happened to their home, so their insurance is paying for them to stay here until it’s fixed. It’s a single mom, a teenage daughter who has her own newborn baby, and a little eight-year-old girl. The teenage daughter also has a boyfriend just as young as she is who is also staying in their room.

The little girl likes to steal. I’ve already heard through the grapevine from a coworker that she’s been caught stealing from our market before. My coworker went to the back office for a second, and the little girl waited until the door closed behind her before she got up from the lobby chair, ran over to the market, stuffed her pockets full of candy, and then ran and sat back down as if nothing had happened. She didn’t know that we have cameras all over the hotel that we can see from the back office monitor. My coworker went back out.

Coworker: “You do know you have to pay for all of that, right?”

The little girl feigned ignorance.

Girl: “Oh. I didn’t know.”

My coworker told her to put the items back. That obviously didn’t stop her, though.

This morning, I’m working the morning shift, and I see this same child walk down the corridor over toward the market area. I don’t haul a** like I could, but I walk out there and figure she’ll ultimately decide, “Never mind,” and walk away. She does. She immediately leaves that area as soon as I open the office door and come out to the front.

Me: “Did you need anything?”

She looks me dead in the eye and says no as she wipes her mouth with one of our breakfast napkins like she was just drinking her juice and minding her business.

I go back after she leaves and watch the cameras, and sure enough, she took candy and put it in her pocket quickly before moving away. I immediately get on the phone and call her mother. Normally, I would just wait to speak to her mother later, but after looking at their bill in our system, I see notes stating that the teens from the room have been adding market items to the room when there is no card on file for incidentals. We’ve made attempts to get in contact with the mother so she knows about it, but no one has gotten back to us.

Obviously, their insurance won’t want to cover these charges. So, not only do we need a card on file for incidentals (don’t know who dropped the ball on getting that), but her kid is stealing and her teenage daughter and her boyfriend are adding things to her bill.

She doesn’t answer when I call, but she calls back a little later.

Guest: “Somebody called me from there? I’m thinking it was y’all or my daughter in the room.”

Me: “Is this Miss [Guest]?”

Guest: “Yeah.”

Me: “This is [My Name], the front office supervisor here at the hotel. I’m calling because your youngest daughter has been taking things from our market area. She’s already—”

Guest: “Hold up, hold up, hold up. I can’t hear you; I need to pull over.”

I’m sure you heard me fine. But okay.

Guest: “Go ahead?”

Me: “This is [My Name] here at the hotel. Your youngest daughter has been taking things from our market area. She was already told by another staff member that those items do need to be paid for the last time she took some. But she’s still taking things now; she just took something this morning before she left.”

Guest: “Oh… Okay… How do I go about getting a new comforter?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Guest: “A new comforter for the sofa-bed in the room. How do I get another one? My oldest daughter just had her cycle so the one in the room needs to be changed.”

I literally pause, not because I am shocked, but because I don’t know whether I want to go ahead and give her a full taste of my smart-a** attitude or if I want to play nice this morning and tread the line of nice/nasty with her instead.

Me: “You would just request a new one from the front desk.”

Guest: “Okay, I just wasn’t sure how I’d go about getting another one.”

Me: “Right. Yeah, you could just ask for one.”

Guest: “All right, then, thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it.”

Me: “Um, I do need to know what you’re doing about the incidentals. There isn’t a card on file for you, and your insurance won’t be covering any of your incidental charges.”

Guest: *Angry* “Well, I could just pay for the items. What’s the balance?”

Me: “Your balance right now is $48.50. Besides paying it off, we do need to have a card on file just to authorize for other incidentals besides the balance you already have.”

Guest: “Hold on. Why is it so high?!”

Me: “You have market items on your room that have been added by your kids, and then you also have lots and lots of long-distance phone calls being made from your room.”

Guest: “My phone number is a long-distance phone number, and my daughter’s phone doesn’t keep a charge, so she needs to be able to call me in the event she needs me for anything.”

Me: “I understand. Our phones in the rooms are automatically routed so that they charge for long-distance calls, so there is no way for me to stop the system from charging for that. The only thing I would suggest is that if she needs to call you, she can come down here to the desk and make a call to you from our front desk.”

Guest: “So she would literally have to leave the room just to call me or else it’ll charge my account?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am.”

Guest: “This is so ridiculous. All right, well, I’ll come by and pay for the balance. Thank you.”

She hung up on me.

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