Not Enough Warmth For This Friendship To Rise

, , , , | Friendly | January 2, 2021

I’m loading my kids into the car to get to an appointment. While well-behaved, they are full of high spirits and the promise of a treat is causing them to be very excitable and loud. It’s great to see, but it’s hard to get them in the car by myself.

I manage to get them buckled up and I’m about to shut the car door when I hear someone. I look up and see someone trying to get my attention, someone I think might live down my street somewhere.

Me: “Hello?”

Neighbour: “Hi. I live at [address number].”

That’s way, way down the street.

Me: “Oh, hi. Nice to meet you.”

Neighbour: “Yeah, can I borrow some flour? Self-raising?”

Me: “Err, I’m not sure I have any, I’m afraid, and I’m heading somewhere. We’re late, actually.”

Neighbour: “Well, it is important! Can you just check?!”

Me: *Pause* “You know what? I remember now; we used the last of it up. Sorry.”

I got in the car without waiting for a response, but I thought I could make out a few choice words.

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