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Not Enough Love Is A Sign Of The Times

| Related | March 8, 2012

(My sister is trying to teach my two-year-old nephew some basic American Sign Language (ASL). He uses words like ‘please’ and ‘banana’ mostly, but I applaud the effort. I, meanwhile, am a 31-year-old who is trying to become conversational in ASL.)

Me: *to my nephew* “Do you know how to say ‘I love you?’”

Nephew: “No.”

Me: “Here.”

(I show him the I, L, Y sign that is shorthand for I love you. He can’t do it.)

Sister: “What day is it?”

Nephew: “SUNDAY!”

Me: *also signing* “No, it’s not Sunday. It’s…”

(I do the sign for Friday, which is the letter f moved in a circle.)

Nephew: *after a long, confused pause* “I love you, too?”

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