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Not Enough Energy To Do Good

| Related | December 31, 2015

(I’m at home with my family after dinner and I’m about to head up to bed. I’m also a notorious “lazy” teenager.)

Me: *in a quiet voice* “Night.”

Dad: “Is it? Is it really a good night?”

Me: *slightly bewildered* “I didn’t say ‘Goodnight.’ I just said ‘Night.’”

Dad: *trying to save himself* “Are you sure about that?”

Me: “Yes… I didn’t have the energy to say ‘Goodnight.’”

Dad: “That I can believe. Though, I’m not sure why you don’t have the energy.”

Me: “Okay, let me rephrase: I’m too lazy to say ‘Goodnight.’”

Dad: *exclaims* “That’s even more believable!”

Me: *laughs* “Yeah, yeah. Night.”