Not Enough Cooks Spoils The Broth

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(This is my first job. Part of my job training somehow did not include the register, so I was never properly trained. This means that if my boss, who normally does register, has to go out for a delivery, one of the cooks rings up customers instead. This time it is a rather hefty bill, the cooks have absolutely refused to help, and the customer isn’t waiting.)

Me: “Listen, at least come and show me how to do this. The customer is irate. I really shouldn’t, but you won’t help me.”

Cook: “It’s easy; just follow the buttons.”

(I go out and try to ring them up. Thankfully the customer is understanding enough when I keep messing up. I get through, take their payment, and send them on their way. I do come up short, but don’t realize it until the owner brings it to my attention.)

Owner: “You! Did you cash out that large bill?”

Me: “Yes. The cooks wouldn’t help, despite not having anything to do or being busy cooking, and [Coworker] wouldn’t answer her phone. I tried to do it. If I came up short, I’m sorry; I’m willing to pay for it at the end of the night.”

Owner: “You idiot girl! You came up $13 short! What were you doing on the register in the first place?! I told you that you are not to be on it! This is why! You’re the reason this place is going down!”

(The owner continues to berate me until I am in tears. The place has already been going down since before I started work, and she also knows I am autistic and have anxiety. She also does this in front of customers until one steps up.)

Customer: “Hey, she’s doing a good job; stop yelling at her. If anything, go yell at those cooks, if it was their job. Honestly, this girl is one of your better waitresses; at least she checks on us and smiles, and doesn’t smell like she’s been drinking on the job.”

Owner: “I-I… but she rang it up wrong!”

Customer: “And she offered to pay it up to make up the difference. Now, let her get back to her job.”

Me: “Th-thank you…”

(I was able to make more than enough to pay it up, and I did. This was just one of many times she got on my case, including letting my coworker’s friend steal my tips when I wasn’t looking. At the end, she didn’t even tell me she was closing the restaurant. I found out when my then-boyfriend — now my husband — asked if I was looking for another job. She also withheld checks for weeks. The place has been closed and a new, much better Chinese buffet has taken its place!)

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