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Not Drinking In What The Cashier Said

, , , , | Right | February 15, 2020

(I work in a sandwich shop. An older lady comes in with her two young grandsons. She orders two full kids’ meals and a six-inch sandwich, and when we get done making them, I begin ringing her up at the register. We are trained to ask if the customer would like chips, cookies, or a drink because sometimes people forget to tell us what else they want with their sandwich. Since I already know that she wants the full kids’ meals, which come with sides and drinks, I ask about her six-inch sandwich.)

Me: “Would you like chips, cookies, or a drink with the six-inch?”

Customer: *pats a bag of chips on the counter* “I have chips.”

Me: “All right. Two kids’ meals, the six-inch, and chips. That’ll be [$18 and some change].”

(She pays with her debit card, sends the kids to the table, and then grabs her sandwich and chips.)

Customer: “Does it come with a drink?”

Me: *pause* “I… would have to ring it up. I’m sorry. I can ring it up now.”

Customer: “Eighteen dollars and it doesn’t come with a drink? We won’t be coming here again.”

(She walked off to her table in a foul mood, causing my manager to ask me what happened. After I explained, he hurried over to calm her down and give her a free drink. And this is why I repeat back what I have rung up and sometimes ask a second or even third time if they would like anything else.)

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