Not Dressed To Impress

| Working | October 28, 2014

(As part of receiving my state-run unemployment insurance I have to attend seminars on finding work. On one occasion, I’m in one where the topic of interview dress is mentioned.)

Lecturer: “So, it really doesn’t matter about your experience, or whatever, just so long as you dress up for an interview. Now, we at [Government Department] support a charity group that can supply a nice dress or business suit for you ladies applying for a job – up to $1000 dollars worth of clothes for free! So, if you need to have something for an interview, then just apply!”

Me:” What about men?”

Lecturer: *pauses* “What about men?”

Me:“Is there a similar scheme for men?”

Lecturer: *confused* “I don’t get what you mean?”

Me: “Well, is there a group supplying suits and ties and such for men to attend interviews in?”

Lecturer: “Umm… why?”

Me: “Well, guys might not have suits to go to interviews in either.”

Lecturer: “Oh, no, mate, that’s your mistake there! A man doesn’t need a suit for an interview! Look, just turn up in your overalls and boots and stuff to an interview. That shows you’re all ready to start the job! Trust me, mate, you’ll ace the next interview if you do that!”

(Given that I work in the scientific field, namely laboratory bench-work in the food industry, I doubted this but kept my mouth shut.)

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