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Not Dispatching That Information

| Working | May 2, 2017

(It is the 1970s in a rural part of the U.S., before modern technology improved inter-agency communications. Telephone calls were still subject to long distance charges, and most small rural agencies depended upon a point-to-point radio channel to communicate with other nearby agencies. This is also long before all radio channels and telephone lines in dispatch centers were recorded. This also happens late at night when things are boring and more relaxed.)

Anonymous Dispatcher: *over the point-to-point radio frequency* “I’m going f****** crazy!”

(A few minutes pass:)

Anonymous Dispatcher: “I’m going f****** crazy!”

(A few more minutes pass:)

Anonymous Dispatcher: “I said, I’m going f****** crazy!”

Another Dispatcher: *from another town, with authority in his voice* “Station on frequency, identify yourself immediately!”

Anonymous Dispatcher: “I ain’t that f****** crazy!”

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