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Not Delivering On Delivery

, , , , , | Working | March 29, 2022

My mom orders a diet service that mails you pre-made meals you heat up. Due to a light dusting of snow, her order is delayed. She has been waiting ALL DAY for her package and hasn’t eaten anything, and when it finally arrives… it’s not her order.

We’re Mary Smith at [Address] Street, and the box says Jane Smythe [Same Addess] Court. Mom calls the company while I prowl the White Pages looking for Jane’s number. I get lucky; she’s listed! Sadly, she has NO package.

I drive the mile and a smidge to her house to give Jane her food because it’s faster and easier than Jane getting a credit, reordering all her food, and getting it next week.

Meanwhile, Mom manages to get the company to call the driver to turn around; he still has our package! He gets to our house after 6:00.

Delivery Driver: “Okay, here’s your right package! Where is the other package?”

Mom: “Oh, my daughter already delivered it.”

Delivery Driver: “Why would she do that?!”

Mom: “It was close by and we didn’t know when you would get here.”

Delivery Driver: “But we get paid by the package!”

Mom: “But you delivered the wrong package. You wanted to be paid twice for delivering the same package?”

The delivery driver mumbled something and walked away. Seriously?

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