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Not Cracking Any Nuts Over Differing Holiday Traditions

, , , , | Related | January 8, 2019

(I am waiting for my car after an afternoon ballet performance of the Nutcracker. A couple and a young girl are standing next to me. While the woman and girl are dressed very nicely, and the man is just in worn jeans, boots, and a holiday sweater.)

Woman: “So, did you like your first ballet?”

Girl: “Yes! Thank you, Auntie!”

Man: “Yeah, I did. Wasn’t what I was really expecting.”

(The woman and girl both turned to look at him, wide-eyed.)

Girl: “You’ve never been to the ballet?”

Man: “Not really a priority with my family. Never even seen one before.”

Woman: “But it’s the Nutcracker! It’s a holiday tradition!”

Man: “Love, last year one of my brothers accidentally stabbed me during the family Christmas rugby game. Didn’t feel it because I had a blood alcohol level that would’ve ignited near an open flame.”

Woman: “How do you accidentally… Um, never mind. Yes, different traditions.”

Girl: “What’s rugby? Are we going to play it on Christmas?”

Woman: “No.”

(Somehow, I just don’t see that relationship going anywhere.)

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