Not A Very Cheery-o Teacher

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(We have this substitute who comes in for any teacher who is sick, and she has an extremely strict no-food policy. If you are caught eating, she calls you out with a typical “Do you have enough for everyone?” and if you don’t, she throws your food out. One girl in our class is diabetic and needs to eat to keep her blood sugar up. We all know this, but the sub apparently missed the memo.)

Classmate: *pulls out bag of cereal*

Substitute Teacher: “And so we learned that— excuse me! Are you eating in my class?”

(The room goes dead silent.)

Classmate: “I… I… Um.”

Substitute Teacher: “Do you have enough for the entire class? You know my policy!”

Classmate: “But I’m diabetic.”

Substitute Teacher: *goes quiet* “Well… t-that’s still no excuse!”

(She then confiscated the diabetic kid’s food anyway. She was later fired.)

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