Not Carrying On As A Mother Should

Friendly | December 24, 2015

(I am walking to the school to pick up my daughter; I have my two-year-old son in the pram as it’s too far for him to walk. I notice another woman carrying some shopping while her toddler is struggling to keep up with her. She looks younger than my son and is pretty much running as best as her tiny legs can.)

Woman: *yelling to toddler* “Oh, come on, we have to hurry. We’ll be late getting to the school.”

(Feeling sorry for the woman, I lay down the back of the pram and offer to carry the groceries, thinking the woman could carry the child or at least be able to hold their hand.)

Woman: “Oh, thanks, that’s great. I’ll be able to get there faster now instead of struggling with the groceries.” *starts walking faster, still screaming at the struggling toddler to keep up*

Me: *thinking* “If there is a next time, I’m offering to carry the kid.”

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