Not Bready For This Relationship

| Romantic | January 3, 2017

(We’re getting what we need at the grocery store, but unlike usual we aren’t working off a list because we only need a few things. We tend to run things by each other whether we need to or not.)

Me: “Soup’s the only other thing we need, right?”

Boyfriend: “Yep! Ooh, and can I get more bread?”

Me: “Didn’t you just buy bread yesterday?”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, but I already ate about a third of the loaf. Apparently I go through it pretty quickly.”

Me: “Okay! I mean, regardless, you could still get bread. I’m not so mean that I’d tell you you’re NOT allowed to have bread.”

(Later we’re loading groceries in the car and I’m talking about making a stop to get tea.)

Boyfriend: “Sure! And I can get chocolate milk. I mean, that’s okay, right?”

Me: “Fiiiine. Jeez, you want bread AND chocolate milk? You’re so demanding lately. Weren’t we just talking about how we don’t get each other anything for Christmas? What happened to that? Now you want bread AND chocolate milk! Ugh. So needy.”

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