Not Big Go-Getters

| Friendly | November 2, 2016

(I am waiting for a bus when two elderly ladies walk up talking to each other. They wave at me and go back to talking after I wave back, not quite sure what’s going on. After a few minutes the bus pulls up and I step back to let them on first.)

Lady #1: “After you.”

Lady #2: “After you.”

Lady #1: “No, no, after you.”

Lady #2: “No, no, you go first.”

(They do this for a few minutes as the bus driver starts to chuckle. Finally I get bored of this.)

Me: “Tell you what, I’LL go first.”

(I stepped around them and ordered my ticket as they blinked at me in confusion. They then started laughing and continued to laugh throughout finding a chair and sitting down.)

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