Not Being Very PC

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(This is a few years ago when school computers are very unreliable and before IT teaches anything useful like programming. I am usually quite a good student but have no time or patience for irrational teachers. This occurs in a GCSE IT lesson where the majority of students are off for a religious festival. We have a seating plan, as the class is usually full, to ensure everyone sits in the same seat and on the same PC. I sit in my assigned seat to find the PC isn’t working, the entire row I am sat in is empty so I move to the computer right next to mine, log in, and start to get on with my work.)

Teacher: *to me* “Why are you not sat in your seat?”

Me: “The PC isn’t working so I moved to this one.”

Teacher: “I didn’t say you could move. Move back to your assigned seat, and once the lesson has started, put your hand up and I will come over and sort the issue out.”

Me: “Can’t I just keep working on this PC and when you have fixed that one–” *motioned to my usual PC* “–I will move back?” 

Teacher: “Get out!”

(I am sent outside for about ten minutes and get a telling off when the teacher comes out to speak to me. When she brings me back in, she tells me to go work on another computer on another empty row on the other side of the classroom. She hasn’t bothered to check if this PC works, either, and it was also broken. Not learning my lesson, or just wanting to get on with some work, I log into the PC next to it. You can guess what comes next.)

Teacher: “That is not the PC I told you to sit at.”

Me: “That isn’t working, either, and this one is. I have just moved one desk over to actually get on with some work. There is no one sat on this entire row, so why does it matter which one I work at? I’m not trying to move to sit next to anyone and mess about.”

Teacher: “Get back outside!”

Me: “Okay, but don’t bother coming out to speak to me because I won’t be there; I’m going to find somewhere to actually do some work.” 

(The IT room was near the Special Educational Needs room, so I went in there and explained the situation, and they were happy for me to get on with some work. The teacher never did bother to come looking for me, or at least didn’t find me if she did.)

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