Not Behaving Like An Adult

| Friendly | February 2, 2016

(I’m in college, having ordered lunch from a food truck nearby and waiting around for my food. I am wearing a new shirt that reads “I Need an Adult,” which is a quote from a popular parody show online that is usually accompanied with an unnerving follow-up line. A man much older than me scoots next to where I’m standing, looming over me with a creepy smile.)

Man: “I AM an adult.”

(Surprised and excited that an older guy like him knew the response, I ecstatically raised my hand for a high-five.)

Me: “Yeah!”

Man: *confused look* “What?”

Me: “TeamFourStar!” *they’re the group that makes the parody show*

Man: *blank stare*

Me: *lowing my hand* “Uh… Dragon Ball Z abridged?” *said parody show*

Man: *blank stare*

Me: *thinking he’s joking* “Aw, come on. High-five!”

Man: “Uh…”

(Some people who are also standing around waiting for their food have taken notice of our conversation.)

Another Guy Waiting For Food: “Really? You just walked up to her and said that?”

Man: “Well, look at her shirt! The words are right over her chest! She was asking for it!”

(I think I and a handful of people physically reeled back from his response.)

Woman Waiting: “Wow. Are you serious? It’s 2015! I didn’t know people even thought like that anymore!”

Another Guy Waiting For Food: “My shirt has words over my chest. That’s kiiiind of where most words on T-shirts land.”

Man: “Well, women shouldn’t wear stuff that hovers on their chest like that!”

(He stormed away, leaving me and a couple of people to question if he was even waiting around for food or if he just came to creep me out. The guy that defended me also happened to be a fan of the same show (he even showed me several key-chains of some of the shows’ characters that he carries around) and we exchanged our favorite lines and references from the show before our order was called.)

Guy: “I was thinking about getting both your shirt and the ‘I Am an Adult’ shirt but now I’m afraid that I’LL be the creepy one if I ever wear the latter.”

Me: “I don’t think you’ll beat that dude who didn’t even KNOW the show and thought it was a good idea to say that to a stranger anyways.”

Guy: “Good point. See ya!”

(Despite the unfriendly encounter I had with the man before, I still intend to wear the shirt; especially since I know there’s a possibility of bumping into someone who may be wearing the shirt that accompanies it!)

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