Not Behaving Like An Adult

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(We have a promotion where children, after reading a few books, can receive a free kid’s meal with the purchase of a corresponding adult entree, A woman calls and asks some questions about the deal.)

Customer: “How exactly does your promotion work?”

Me: “Well, after the children have read the necessary number of books, they will receive a free kid’s meal when they come in, provided you order a corresponding number of adult entrees.”

Customer: “So if I have two adults and three kids…”

Me: “In that case, you would receive the two free children’s meals because you’re ordering two adult entrees.”

Customer: *who until now had been pleasant, but immediately became nasty & irate* “So that really sucks if I come in with two adults and three kids, huh?”

Me: “I’m so sorry, but unfortunately that’s how this promotion works.”

Customer: “Fine. We’ll just go somewhere else then.”

(She then hung up rather abruptly. I don’t know anywhere she could go to get three free kid’s meals after purchasing only two adult entrees, and if she knew of one, she should have just gone there in the first place!)

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