Not Batting For A Nice Drive

, | Learning | April 7, 2014

(My biology teacher is a bit eccentric, but pretty awesome. He works at our school in London during the week, but on weekends he drives home to his farm in Wales (about a five-hour commute). One Monday in high summer, we arrive in class to find him looking pretty rough: pale, sweating, and looking nauseous.)

Classmate #1: “Hey, [Teacher], are you okay?”

Teacher: “Yeah. I just feel kind of sick.”

Classmate #2: “Are you ill?”

Teacher: “I found a dead bat on Friday night.”

Classmate #1: “Uh, okay…”

Teacher: “I thought it would be interesting to show you all. I was going to strip the bones and show you the skeleton. But my wife threw a fit and wouldn’t let me take it in the house, so I hid it in the glovebox of my car. And then I forgot about it.”

Classmate #2: “Uh-oh.”

Teacher: “Yeah. So, it sat there and rotted all weekend. And I had to drive here today. Five hours. You have no idea what that thing smelled like…”

Classmate #1: “Where’s the bat now?”

Teacher: *grinning evilly* “I threw it in the kitchen bin. My wife will just love the smell when she gets home from work today.”

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