Not Attending To The Matter At Hand

| Learning | February 11, 2015

(I am 14, and I have moved schools in the middle of the year. Two weeks after I start, in the middle of one of my lessons, I get called to go to the school hall. I’m with a bunch of kids from different years, one of whom I’ve known since I was a kid as our mums are good friends. We stand together and the deputy head comes in.)

Deputy Head: “You’ve all been called here because your attendance has fallen below 90%. We’ve sent letters to your parents and will be following up with each of them to discuss the reasons behind your poor attendance.”

(My friend and I look at each other and we laugh. I put my hand up.)

Deputy Head: “Yes.”

Me: “I, er, think there’s been a mistake.”

Deputy Head: “What’s your name? ”

Me: “[My Name]. I just started.”

Deputy Head: “Your attendance is only 15%. That’s terrible.”

Me: “I only started two weeks ago.”

Deputy Head: “Why is your attendance so bad?”

Me: “It’s not. I—”

Deputy Head: “It’s 15%.”

Friend: “She’s only been here two weeks; she’s not even been at the school for the 90%!”

Deputy Head: “Oh, you moved school?”

Me: “From [Old School].”

Friend: “Two weeks ago.”

Deputy Head: “Well, fine, you can go back to your lesson.”

Me: “Is he always like that?”

Friend: “Yeah. You should’ve stayed at [Old School].”

Me: “No. We had two deputy heads there and they were just as bad.”

(I went back to my lesson and had to explain to my teacher why I had been called away. She just laughed and told me to rip up the letter when it arrived. Which my mother did after another good laugh at the story and wondering, too, if I should’ve stayed at the old school.)

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