Not Asking For Special Treatment

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(My mother is grocery shopping and sees that an item that she normally cannot afford is on special, so she puts one in her trolley before heading to check out. She notices that the item has rung up as full price.)

Mother: “That price should be [sale price]; it’s on special.”

(The cashier calls for a staff member to go and check the price tag.)

Staff: “The tag says [full price].”

Mother: “I know I saw it at [sale price]; there was a sign.”

Staff: *rolling their eyes* “There’s no sign. It’s full price. You’re just trying to get this for free; it’s not going to work.”

Other Customer: “Uh, excuse me, I was just in the same aisle as this lady when she picked up that. You—” *indicating the staff member* “—were there, too, and as soon as she left you took down the special price and put a new price tag up.”

Staff: “I know I did. It’s not on special anymore.”

(This time the cashier rolled her eyes, apologised to Mum and gave her the item for free. As Mum walked away, she could hear the staff member arguing with her for letting a customer “get their own way.”)

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