Not As Happy As A Clam

, , , | Right | July 18, 2013

(My friend and I are at a local market picking up chicken for her graduation party. While we’re waiting to pay, the phone rings and the cashier has to answer.)

Cashier: “Good afternoon… I’m afraid we are sold out of clams right now… Well, we get a shipment in tomorrow afternoon… Tomorrow afternoon… No, we are sold out right now… Yes, we get some tomorrow afternoon… Around one pm or so… Uhm, we’ll have them until they’re sold out… No, we are sold out right now… Why? It’s been very busy with the warm weather.” *sighs* “Tomorrow afternoon… Well, I’m really sorry that we don’t have any right now, but we’ve sold out. Okay, there’s a seafood store in town. Bye.”

(The cashier hangs up and looks annoyed.)

Cashier: “Sorry… just the chicken?”

Friend: *jokingly* “Yes, but do you have clams?”

Cashier: “Get out.”

Friend: “But whhhyyy! I want some noooooooowww!”

Cashier: “Well, you’re gonna have to wait. Sucks to be you!”

Friend: “You wanted to say that to the person on the phone didn’t you?”

Cashier: “You have no idea.”

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