Not An Early Morning Zombie

USA | Friendly | April 1, 2015

(It is very early in the morning and I am on auto-pilot on my way to work with my friend. We stand at the bus stop, looking a bit dead-to-the-world, desperately needing some coffee. I look around the bus stop and everyone seems to be in the same position as me, tired and sleepy, until I notice one of the passengers doesn’t seem to have any arms.)

Me: *whispering to my friend* “Look at that guy.”

Friend: “I know! Be quiet, he’s a zombie!”

Me: “What?! How do you know?”

Friend: “The zombie apocalypse started about an hour ago, I just found out from a text.”

Me: “Why isn’t he attacking any of us?”

Friend: “It’s 5am, on a Monday, at a bus stop that takes everyone to work. We’re all more zombie than he’ll ever be!”

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