Not Always Sautéed

| Working | February 8, 2017

(I’m a fussy eater, because I’m on a strict regimen of counting my calories. We’re eating at a chain restaurant. It’s a somewhat busy Tuesday night, and there’s only one waitress. There is a manager, but he’s doing absolutely nothing to help her.)

Uncle: “What are the soups today?”

Waitress: “Just the vegetable beef; we’re out of the chicken noodle.”

(I had planned to have chicken noodle soup and grilled chicken, so I spend an age trying to work out what I can have that fits my calorie budget for dinner. All the while, the waitress is standing at the table, dancing back and forth as if impatient – understandable – and finally she says she’ll put my aunt’s and uncle’s orders in and come back for me. Perfectly understandable. Eventually, I check the numbers on the vegetable beef soup and find out it fits my original plan, barely.)

Waitress: *comes back* “So, know what you’re having?”

Me: “Give me the grilled chicken dinner, with a bowl of the vegetable beef and two sides of steamed zucchini and squash.”

(She leaves, and I finish my coffee quickly. As expected, my aunt’s and uncle’s orders get there before my meal, and I ask for a refill. She says it’ll be just a minute. Five minutes later, I get exasperated waiting, and get up to go and buy a coffee at the truck stop to which the restaurant is attached. By the time I get back, my coffee’s been filled, and my meal has arrived – with sautéed zucchini and squash. I flag the waitress down when she’s on her way back to the kitchen from serving someone else their meal.)

Me: “Excuse me, this zucchini and squash is sautéed.”

Waitress: *gives me a blank look*

Aunt: “He ordered steamed.”

Waitress: “Well, it’s the same stuff. What’s the difference?”

Me: “About a hundred calories.”

(This is a lot, when it’s about 8% of your daily calorie budget and you’re already running up against your ceiling.)

Waitress: *rolls her eyes and takes it away*

(She then returns after serving another customer; not only is it still sautéed zucchini and squash, I’m pretty sure it’s the exact same plate, just heated up and, if anything, sautéed a bit more.)

Me: *thinking* “I guess some people think they’re the protagonist in a Not Always Right story, and the customer’s a fussy dumb-a***.”

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